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Re: [LUG] Fwd: UK 'misled' on broadband speeds


On Tue, 27 Jul 2010, tom wrote:

I don't because I never allowed myself to be signed-up for a long-term contract in the first place. Actually not quite true - when I got my BT line 8.5 years ago there was very little choice at the time, so I had to put up with a 1-year contract on it, however that's long-gone. I pay them quarterly and I'm on a quarterly contract, which I could get down to a monthly one by migrating the line to another provider.

Braodband too - everyone has a choice of over 100 ISPs to choose from, regardless of LLU in their exchange. Some, like BTretail will insist on a 12 month or longer contract, but others (most others) are monthly.


I cant find a single provider that will allow me a monthly contract without a setup fee of 3 or 4 * monthly charge.

And you won't either.

That's becasue at the BT Wholesale level that fee is charged. It's £40 + VAT or therabouts. The ISPs either absorb the charge and insist on a longer term contract to cover it, or ask you to pay the chrge up-front then put you on a one month contract.

Don't blame the ISPs, blame BT Whoesale.

However once you're in the system, migration is free (LLU excepted, and even then it's possible if you haggle)

I can find ones without the setup charge but then I'm paying for >8M when I can only get 512k so its not worth it. I would imagine half of rural Devon/Cornwall is in a similar position.

It's a tiny fraction - actually Devon & Cornwall is slightly better off than most - because we have people clumped together in towns/villages with their own exchage. There are exceptions though and a few not-spots, but these are relatively few and far between.

If you want to change ISPs then you ask your current one for a MAC (Migration Authorisation Code) they are obliged to give it to you, although it won;t get you out of a contract. Most ISPs should accept the MAC and offer you free migration.

At least that's been my experiences of reselling Entanet connections.

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