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Re: [LUG] Thin client boxes [debian code names]


On Sat, 17 Jul 2010, Paul Sutton wrote:

Maybe I'll build up my own LTSP setup - I do boot my new PBXs over the
'net now when doing the initial install into their flash devices... How
hard can it be... ;-)

Could be useful for the LaTeX tutorial talk or other lug based training

I propose more fund raising by the lug, then use the money to help get
these working.

just an idea,

Well, yes, but to do what with them?

They belong to my business and I'm not sure I'm ready to write them off just yet...

However, to get them going as something usable, someone will have to make an investment in keyboard, mouse and a screen - I never bought them with screen and keyboards (except in emergencies and installation - everything I did on them needed a serial port...)

So you're probably looking at an extra 100 quid or so for a cheap monitor, keyboard & mouse for each unit...


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