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Re: [LUG] Fax/Voice server software


Quoting John Daragon <john@xxxxxxxxxx>:

Asterisk would be my first choice...

Asterisk would do all of this, but...

a) It's *really* picky about modems. The X100P analogue card is the only 
single line one for which drivers are available, and it doesn't support 
UK CLID. You can, however, buy one for £9.99

b) There's something of a learning curve.

That said,

It'll accept faxes and distribute them via email.

Ditto voicemail.

It'll turn each of your PC's into a SIP phone.

I'll handle extensions.

It's as flexible as a flexible thing.

It sounds like the sort of thing I want, okay, maybe a little bit overkill for 
a home server, but the voicemail and faxing is what I'm after.

I did try Hylafax, got the modem working (original ISA bus Lucent modem 
wouldn't work - its a darn WinModem and even the Linux drivers didn't pick it 
up), still I managed to find an old 33k Rockwell ISA modem lying around which 
worked a treat.

I couldn't work out though how to get voicemail working on Hylafax, I've read 
somethere that it can be done, but I can't for the life of me work it out.

Anyone tried the mgetty+sendfax (and vgetty) route?

If all else fails I'll just stick some fax software on the Mac and have done 
with it.


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