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Re: [LUG] The great debate - window managers

KDE2 is fairly impressive - although it looks and feels far too much
like a windoze clone for my liking.

A decent Gnome set-up can be far better - although the defualt set-ups
that are shipped with most distro's make gnome look quite poor, which is
a shame.

With Gnome, I used to use enlightenment - which is great - aslong as
tyou have fast hardware to back it up.  Then I switched to window maker
which was pretty cool, but now, I'm using it with IceWM - which seems to
me to be the fastest and most light-weight of the three - and is still
nice to look at and use.


Alex Charrett wrote:
> Here's one that sure to provoke a bit of discussion - window managers.
> What do people prefer?
> Ive for some time been a real Window Maker fan (a progession of liking
> afterstep) but have recently been playing with KDE and KDM logins on my
> box and am very impressed.  KDE is a very good full window manager.  Now
> I'm off to t.o to make it look that bit nicer.
> I can see the appeal of Gnome to some but I just find it far too heavy and
> slow.  If I wanted that I'd use win2k.


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