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Re: [LUG] glasses was 2FA Apps


On 22/09/2022 13:57, Giles Coochey wrote:
I need to swap between two sets of glasses depending on what I'm trying to do / look at

Folks, two pairs of glasses are normal.
I keep three on hanging strings around my neck, as I did so at work.

They are calibrated:
1)Distance and dashboard bi-focals.
[Problem for commercial drivers wearing distance only, is that if you cannot read the speedometer, you have no defence against any speeding charge. I drove 20 to 32 thousand miles year when working. Big problem in Germany.] 2) But I can legally drive without glasses in UK as I pass 'special eye test' for over 75 age drivers without glasses.
It is the speedometer that is the problem!
3) Glasses to read drawings on draughtsmen's table at about 32 inches looking down when standing, magnification for the wee thin lines.
4)Reading glasses set for 12 inches for books.
5) Computer screen reading (set at about 25~30 inches)

Normally I hang sets 1, 4 and 5 around my neck at all times.

Join the aged.
Eion MacDonald

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