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Re: [LUG] 2FA Apps


On 22/09/2022 09:09, Henry Bremridge wrote:
I currently use Duo (Cisco) as it seems to work with all my work
connections but I have now come across a site that either wants

-       Google
-       Microsoft
-       Authy

And Zoom recommends Google / Microsoft / FreeOTP. I note FreeOTP
has been forked

Does anyone have feelings one way or another?

I use Google, as it is simple and local. Beware any apps with features that "store your keys in the cloud", no matter how convenient that sounds, it's effectively storing passwords in some place you have no knowledge or control over, and might be subject to laws you have no idea about etc... Other than that, I think the OTP technology is by and large the same across the board, the resulting passcode is a product of a function of a very large and complex password and the current time.

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