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Re: [LUG] 2FA Apps


On 22/09/2022 13:29, Brad Rogers wrote:

   Look, it's small, and my eyesight ain't great.  Last eye-test was
   before covid, so I'm overdue.

Don't berate yourself :-D

My eyesight is so bad I need to swap between two sets of glasses depending on what I'm trying to do / look at, and I even have to remove glasses altogether if I need to check something real close... I guess I'm going to need varifocals, but I hear they take some getting used to... :-(

In any case, it's still strange that some apps require such a large amount of data storage for such small amounts of actual functionality. The reference source code in RFC 6238 (Appendix A), is just about 9000 bytes of code, and a good proportion of that are comments, not code itself.

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