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Re: [LUG] 2FA Apps


On 22/09/2022 11:32, Brad Rogers wrote:

Fair point, but at 100M, twice the size of any other offering and at
least an order of magnitude bigger than most, I still wonder what (else)
the google offering is up to.

I find the sheer size of some apps rather boggling, having come from a time when having 16KB of memory was enough for everything!

I have Microsoft Authenticator as well (It does the MFA for work, but doesn't function like OTP, thus requiring to be online), it reports to use 152MB on my phone. Google Authenticator reports using 23.74MB on my phone. Looking at all the apps, it's actually quite small in comparison to other ones (and it works without data connection).

Are you comparing the application size, or the number of downloads?

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