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Re: [LUG] VMs, NAS, USB and Satnavs


On 25/04/16 21:29, mr meowski wrote:
> Ok, just to be sure I'm following:
> What's the host platform, and do the users have admin access on it?
> Can the users access the VBox GUI with admin rights? If so, all bets may
> be off...
> Sounds like you just want to do the standard
> snapshot-at-known-good-config stage so you can always roll back if they
> trash something irrecoverably. This is something that's super easy on
> ESXI/Xen for example, where the users of VMs are easily kept away from
> the hypervisor itself with permissions. Might be tricker if the users
> are running VMs locally with access to the VBox GUI, and not technically
> possible if they have admin on said box.
> Cheers
The desktop is completely reduced  with no menus, etc .. so they have a
few key shortcuts which launches the specific applications they need,
including the correct VM by ID. The GUI is present, but not accessible
by normal users.

Host system is a Gentoo linux install running an XFCE desktop, only root
access via specific users in the wheel group via sudo.

What you're describing (and is currently implemented) is a snapshot at
the "working" state, but the desire was to force a reset back to this
"known good" state, rather than wait for a failure and have to submit a
support request, and synchronise timezones for a customer who could be
at any point in the globe at any given moment!


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