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Re: [LUG] VMs, NAS, USB and Satnavs


On 24/04/16 20:25, mr meowski wrote:
> On 24/04/16 20:02, M. J. Everitt wrote:
>> On 24/04/16 19:50, mr meowski wrote:
>>> Lastly, snapshotting is such a vitally useful and simple procedure with
>>> VBox I can't really understand why anybody wouldn't use it or run into
>>> issues either. Take the snapshot(s), name and number then sensibly and
>>> you have a hierarchal tree of past instances to manipulate at will.
>>> Sure, it's not as neat or as powerful as the implementation in KVM or
>>> ESXi but you can still create clones from snapshots or rewind for
>>> testing. What's not to like?
>>> Cheers
>> Can I pick your brains, perhaps? I had a problem with a particular
>> implementation of a VBox Windows7 VM where we wished to make one
>> snapshot immutable. It seems there are some tricks to this, as you can't
>> just install it, and then snapshot and set some flag (particularly using
>> the command-line!). Worse still, trying to detach, mark and re-attach
>> and mark immutable the disk file seems to be impossible also. I'm doing
>> this by remote over a satellite SSH connection so there's no point
>> trying to use GUI instructions alas! Any tips/thoughts/etc?!
>> MJE
> That sounds interesting - have you got some more details? Multiple
> disks/VMs or just a single VM with one - presumably base - snapshot?
> GUI/shell I think is irrelevant here as advanced features like that only
> tend to be available through VBoxManage anyway.
> Cheers
Single VM, single disk image; first clean install snapshot, software
installed snapshot (ie. 2/3 base->ready snapshots) then we want to fix
the state at this point to avoid any possibility of corruption or
alteration of settings by nosy users!

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