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Re: [LUG] VMs, NAS, USB and Satnavs


On 24/04/16 22:20, M. J. Everitt wrote:

> Single VM, single disk image; first clean install snapshot, software
> installed snapshot (ie. 2/3 base->ready snapshots) then we want to fix
> the state at this point to avoid any possibility of corruption or
> alteration of settings by nosy users!
> Ta,
> Michael.

Ok, just to be sure I'm following:

What's the host platform, and do the users have admin access on it?
Can the users access the VBox GUI with admin rights? If so, all bets may
be off...

Sounds like you just want to do the standard
snapshot-at-known-good-config stage so you can always roll back if they
trash something irrecoverably. This is something that's super easy on
ESXI/Xen for example, where the users of VMs are easily kept away from
the hypervisor itself with permissions. Might be tricker if the users
are running VMs locally with access to the VBox GUI, and not technically
possible if they have admin on said box.

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