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Re: [LUG] VMs, NAS, USB and Satnavs


On 24/04/16 19:50, mr meowski wrote:
> Lastly, snapshotting is such a vitally useful and simple procedure with
> VBox I can't really understand why anybody wouldn't use it or run into
> issues either. Take the snapshot(s), name and number then sensibly and
> you have a hierarchal tree of past instances to manipulate at will.
> Sure, it's not as neat or as powerful as the implementation in KVM or
> ESXi but you can still create clones from snapshots or rewind for
> testing. What's not to like?
> Cheers
Can I pick your brains, perhaps? I had a problem with a particular
implementation of a VBox Windows7 VM where we wished to make one
snapshot immutable. It seems there are some tricks to this, as you can't
just install it, and then snapshot and set some flag (particularly using
the command-line!). Worse still, trying to detach, mark and re-attach
and mark immutable the disk file seems to be impossible also. I'm doing
this by remote over a satellite SSH connection so there's no point
trying to use GUI instructions alas! Any tips/thoughts/etc?!


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