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Re: [LUG] Computers - leave on or turn off


On 21/03/17 15:50, Gordon Henderson via list wrote:
> On Tue, 21 Mar 2017, Richard Brown via list wrote:
>> Hi Guys
>> I help manage a network of 6 computers, all running Win 7. The boss has
>> asked me to say whether I think it is better to leave the computer on at
>> night or turn off. He is trying to weigh up the eco costs with bringing
>> electric as compared to the costs on the computer and turning ti
>> off/on etc.
>> Any thoughts please?
> Let them turn themselves off. All modern OSs can do this.
> Gordon

This is exactly what I was thinking - it's not a big network and you
apparently don't have a specific company guideline to follow (yet) so
even if you do nothing surely the PCs will all do what they do naturally
these days with power saving modes and just gently go to sleep after a
period of inactivity? Windows 7 has perfectly functional power settings
and as you've only got 6 machines it'll only take you a minute to go
around them all and make sure they're set to sleep after say 15 minutes
of inactivity?

Personally, I'm a bit of a tree-hugging hippy so would prefer not to
waste perfectly good power - in the absence of any formal plan from
management I usually like to have one put in place anywhere I work:
employees to please turn their computer(s) off when they leave for the
day. Modify power saving settings to prefer sleep after 15 as a backup
in case anyone forgets (monitors sleep and lock after 5-15 minutes,
depending on user preference). I do however always have a point of
presence inside the firewall, usually via VPN/SSH, and like to have
wakeonlan fully setup so I can get in remotely and fire up systems out
of hours for planned maintenance or emergencies.

As for the economics of the wear and tear of daily powerups vs the
electricity bill of constant uptime, I'd really need some concrete
figures from some tests before forming an opinion - think you'd need
some stats at major scale though for any kind of reliable conclusion. I
think I'd be moderately surprised if the constant electricity bill
didn't turn out to be more expensive long term than any aggregate wear
and tear cost from daily reboots. I'm not even sure how a study could
reliably measure such things without accounting for all the random
confounding variables though...


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