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Re: [LUG] Gemini PDA


On 11/03/17 16:02, Roland Tarver via list wrote:

On 11/03/17 13:42, Tom via list wrote:
On 01/03/17 12:42, Roland Tarver via list wrote:


If anyone here was thinking of taking a punt on one of these then I suggest you do it very soon. They had 39% of funding target roughly this time yesterday. Today they have 91% (@1240). It will be done in the next few hours I imagine.

Cheers roly :-)

Its up to 221% of its target with a month to go! This could cause the embarrassment of it being made in sufficient qty on the first run to be a lot cheaper than the $349!

Tom te tom te tom

HA! Typical! I am, however, obviously pleased its got the funds they wanted.

Are you gonna grab one?

Roly. :-)

I haven't got a need for one at the moment - when I was working in an office environment the Psion was really useful but I don't even carry a phone round these days!

Tom te tom te tom

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