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Re: [LUG] Skype Beta


On 07/03/17 01:21, mr meowski wrote:
On 06/03/17 23:20, Julian Hall via list wrote:
I use the bog standard Linux Skype from the Mint repository and never
had a problem. I didn't realise there is a problem that needed a Beta.

Kind regards,

By way of explanation:


In short, the old 4.x Skype on Linux apps were a very, very poor effort
(did video calls ever work?) and Microsoft have been hard at work
completely re-architecting the Skype infrastructure (basically moving
from peer to peer to cloud based). The "old" Skype clients for other
platforms have been pretty much all killed off now, the only reason why
the old Linux one is still working - for now - is because MS don't even
really care enough about it to bother disabling it.

They will shortly though, and then Mint will presumably move to
packaging up the "new" Skype for Linux (which is for all intents and
purposes a wrapper around the crappy webclient).

For now this remains pretty strongly on my "things I don't care about"
list but I'll have to pay at least some attention I guess. As in Ian's
reply, the ability to join conference/group chats is the killer feature
that's still missing (outside of the bog standard 'video-call your mate
in a country that is expensive to actually phone' functionality, which
does actually work. Mostly).

I should have said, I only ever user the consumer Skype as I have no need of the Business one if that's where the issues lie.

Kind regards,


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