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Re: [LUG] Skype Beta


On 06/03/17 21:30, mr meowski via list wrote:
Anyone have any input on the latest beta release from Microsoft for
Linux? Skype and Microsoft aren't things that personally interest me
very much but I get asked about both a *lot* so unfortunately I need to
keep up with them both.

Initial reports seem to be that predictably the new beta Linux Skype
sucks just as much as the old alpha Linux Skype: my initial tests on an
Ubuntu 16.04 VM have Skype consistently managing to bring down the
entire VM within seconds of signing in to the application, which is
quite an achievement...

Even the webapp version of Skype sucks universally across all platforms.
I really wouldn't care if it wasn't for the awkward fact that the tiny
issue of Skype running nicely on Linux is the last remaining deal
breaker for several clients switching completely. Every now and then MS
eventually drop an "upgrade" and I get my hopes up for a test. Queue
disappointment :/


For what it is worth, I used to use Skype when it was independent. It seemed to work well. Then MS bought it. I stopped using it immediately. That was on my previous machine. On my latest desktop I haven't even bothered to install Skype, and have no intention of doing so.

I will never trust MS, ever.


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