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Re: [LUG] Native Linux Data Recovery


On 06/03/17 19:51, mr meowski via list wrote:
> On 06/03/17 19:24, Julian Hall via list wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> A friend has a 2 HDD NAS in RAID 1 configuration. He suspects the NAS
>> box itself is dead because he cannot read from either disc separately.
>> Obviously he needs to recover the data, but ZAR (Windows) is not able to
>> recover anything. We think that's because the drives are Ext3 formatted.
>> Is there any native Linux recovery software we can try? Asking here
>> first because I know I'll get decent help backed up by actual experience.
> Exact NAS make and model please chief, it makes a big difference
> (vendors like to use lots of odd slightly non-standard disk setups
> unfortunately). How big are the disks?
> Your best bet is to immediately remove them from the NAS and worry about
> that later, presuming the data is what matters. Connect them to a Linux
> machine to proceed - if in doubt use the systemrescuecd as your recovery
> environment as it comes with a vast swathe of filesystem and storage
> drivers that will more than likely be sufficient. You will more than
> likely find that simply attaching both disks and booting to
> systemrescuecd or any suitably tooled up Linux distro will be sufficient
> for the environment to automatically detect the RAID setup, optionally
> fsck any damage and recover the array.
> Report back for further help as needed, I've dealt with more than a
> couple of failed NAS boxes before.
> Cheers
> http://www.system-rescue-cd.org/SystemRescueCd_Homepage
I had to fix a failed Netgear NAS and it turned out the underlying FS
was btrfs .. just as a FYI.  But mr meowski's advice as a first port of
call is definitely worth following!


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