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Re: [LUG] Cheap tablet


On 25/02/17 14:22, Neil via list wrote:
So I have been looking online. And, as usual, I have finished up very
confused. (I don't want anything to do with an iPad, or with Windows, so
that Android is all that is left apparently.) One of the cheapest so far
is the Amazon Fire, which has some mixed reviews and some others from
China. I am wary about those.

If anyone on the list can come up with some ideas/suggestions I would be

Many thanks,


As a general reply to all who have answered this, I was hoping that a majority would say, oh get xyz or whatever, and I would be able to think 'that is the one to get'. It is never so simple, is it?

Anyway, I will study the replies carefully and go from there. Thanks to all who replied. Since it would be a machine that I would rarely use I don't need to spend much.


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