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Re: [LUG] Cheap tablet


On 25/02/17 17:16, Roland Tarver via list wrote:
> On 25/02/17 16:31, Gordon Henderson via list wrote:
>> On Sat, 25 Feb 2017, Neil via list wrote:
>>> If anyone on the list can come up with some ideas/suggestions I
>>> would be grateful.
>> I used to have a cheap tablet. Won't be buying one again. Actually
>> unlikely to buy any sort of tablet, however...
>> On a recent trip to India, I took my phone - a (Google) Nexus 6
>> "Phablet" size phone. I got that after being frustrated with my cheap
>> tablet. I already had a Nexus 5, so thought about a new bigger/faster
>> tablet or the "phablet" platform. I went for the latter. I have not
>> missed the tablet one little bit.
>> I also took my old Acer Aspire One netbook which was handy for doing
>> some coding on, but the phone was just as good for email and web stuff.
> <snip>
> +1 for a real keyboard! I use an old Samsung netbook quite a lot - on
> it now in fact.  Having recently bought the Mrs. a Google pixel C
> tablet - I have concluded that I still miss a real keyboard on a
> portable device.  (I know you can attach a keyboard to the Pixel C;
> but that costs more than the cost of my netbook!).
> I think there is also an argument for using older portable devices
> too. If you drop them, pour your coffee into one or have it stolen you
> have not lost an expensive item. This assumes that (a) you had good
> backups, and (b) you don't *need* the power of a newer device for your
> portable activities.
> cheers roly :-) .... starting a night shift... :-(
Speaking of keyboards, on the recommendation of a mate, I actually
ordered a couple of bluetooth keyboards, as he had tested them with a
R-pi. I gather they work quite well, and would be usable with many
portable devices. Haven't got one at home -yet- to try ...


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