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Re: [LUG] Cheap tablet


On 25/02/17 16:31, Gordon Henderson via list wrote:
> On Sat, 25 Feb 2017, Neil via list wrote:
>> If anyone on the list can come up with some ideas/suggestions I would
>> be grateful.
> I used to have a cheap tablet. Won't be buying one again. Actually
> unlikely to buy any sort of tablet, however...
> On a recent trip to India, I took my phone - a (Google) Nexus 6
> "Phablet" size phone. I got that after being frustrated with my cheap
> tablet. I already had a Nexus 5, so thought about a new bigger/faster
> tablet or the "phablet" platform. I went for the latter. I have not
> missed the tablet one little bit.
> I also took my old Acer Aspire One netbook which was handy for doing
> some coding on, but the phone was just as good for email and web stuff.
> I use my phone every day - it's value for money. I didn't use the
> tablet very much - I suspect that had I bought one I might have tried
> to make use of it, but at the end of the day it would gather more dust
> than not.
> I doubt I'll ever get another tablet, but if I do, it will be a Google
> one. Fed-up with vendors putting their own rubbish/themes/apps. on-top
> of a perfectly good OS.
> Gordon
I gotta say, I am very satisfied with my G. Nexus 6P not just for pretty
reliable phone calls (smartphones ahem!) but the stock Android Just
Worksâ with just one or two exceptions I'm finding with bluetooth
headsets, and possibly a local cell issue (where there is a complete
loss of signal for periods). Otherwise, I have been using Android
(previously with a Samdung Galaxy 4?) for Texts, Emails, Web browsing
(fairly basic admittedly) Navigation (you can download the TomTom app
with its offline maps and short-term subscriptions (50 free miles per
month), which I would recommend, or use Google Maps for free, but maps
are mostly online (be careful with lossy data in rural areas!)) SSH,
Facebook, WhatsApp and most of the other Instant-Messenger platforms,
VPN (briefly), Photos (reasonable quality for a small CCD), Document
viewing (PDFs and all Google docs ofc) Note-taking, Time-tracking, ..
and I could mention a few more.

I was considering a tablet for a while, but my preferred solution has
always been a netbook - but seems like Paul may have a cheap/quick
solution to that one. Family all have iPads, which tbh, set the
standard, and mostly everything else falls short. We tried some Asus
Transformer pads at work, but most died in a few months. I, personally,
prefer a real keyboard, although I have become accustomed to the Google
Keyboard on my phone, as recommended by a friend. This, if you don't
know, allows you to 'swipe' across the keys to form words instead of
'pecking' at the screen. Some may recall the old Graffitti(sp.) on the
PalmOS devices, and I believe there is a 'mode' to replicate this.

I am shortly going to replace my ageing Laptop - a Dell Vostro I bought
in 2008 which is starting to show its age (which considering its been
abroad many times, into work and onto customer sites, into radio studios
and many other places) has held up pretty well. For this I've conceded
I'll have to exceed my initial budget of ~Â400 (an HMRC debate cheque!)
to get something with a bit of grunt, but don't need anything _too_ fancy.

So basically, I hope to have all bases covered - a handy pocket-sized
gadget for quick, convenient access, something with a larger screen for
a bit of real web-browsing, coding, lengthy emails, etc, and something
much more all-purpose with the ability to develop properly (ie. build
software) a bit of graphics, and all the other random things I command
of my laptop currently!

Hopefully some things to think about in here, apart from the Â2.50 of
opinion/waffle :D
Best regards, and happy hunting!

PS. Muggins has to buy a new monitor for the desktop. It's looking like
the shortlist will probably be a matching 22" Iiyama to go with my
existing Iiyama. The old 19" 4:3 has developed a nice strobing fault on
'resume' after standby, so I think the time has come to retire it from
full-time duty to embedded use! Anyone have any particular Yays or Nays
on monitors - I've had mixed experiences with most manufacturers myself,
with the exception of Iiyama which seem to have been consistent for the
price. Has to have VGA, DVI and HDMI as a pre-req. as I need the option
to switch between more devices with different video outputs!

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