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Re: [LUG] Cheap tablet


On 25/02/2017 14:22, Neil via list wrote:
> Recently we, that is to say the wife, decided we should have a few more
> short breaks away. (In this country but, being pensioners, we can go out
> of season and get some very good deals.)
> The wife has an iPad (I know, but she said it was her money so she would
> spend it on what she liked.) It is easy to pack and to take with us, and
> she is able to keep in touch with emails, facebook etc while away. It
> also takes some half decent photos.
> I am obviously not going to pack a 17" inch laptop to take and I do not
> have anything suitable otherwise. (I do have a mobile phone, but it is
> not a smart phone.)  I am thinking about getting a cheap tablet, mainly
> for keeping up with emails and checking local information.
> So I have been looking online. And, as usual, I have finished up very
> confused. (I don't want anything to do with an iPad, or with Windows, so
> that Android is all that is left apparently.) One of the cheapest so far
> is the Amazon Fire, which has some mixed reviews and some others from
> China. I am wary about those.
> If anyone on the list can come up with some ideas/suggestions I would be
> grateful.
> Many thanks,
> Neil

Not tablet, but I have heard some reports (good) on Chinese CUBOT.
Cheap smartphone. I do not have one.
You can get from Bank good's store held in EU, so avoiding PRC problems
Note I only use EU or UK ware house for this site. I do not use PRC (CN)
I have grandchildren who use KIDS edition of Amazon Fire, which provided
you download all you want in apps etc within first year of use to a
(separate purchase) memory chip, appears to work well.
Set up for 'age appropriate' is quite good.
No Idea on proper adults Amazon Fire.
Local store has second hand ones for Â60.

Eion MacDonald

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