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Re: [LUG] Linux Training


On 13/02/17 21:10, mr meowski via list wrote:
On 13/02/17 20:09, Paul Sutton via list wrote:

I would go with a Virtualbox VM .. I have yet to do it fully myself, but
its on the top of the to-do list ...

Seriously, I may regret this, but if anyone has virtualization questions
including "why the hell should I care about this", ask away.


OK, so I have had a go at VBox again. After much struggling and trying to remember how I did it last time, I have got it running with the guest additions too.

Still trying to remember how to read folders on the main part of the disk so that I can transfer some of the files, and cannot at the moment get the VBox version to see my USB sticks. Oh well, some more research,


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