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Re: [LUG] Linux Training


On 13/02/17 20:09, Paul Sutton wrote:
> d,
>>> Neil
>> I would go with a Virtualbox VM .. I have yet to do it fully myself, but
>> its on the top of the to-do list ...
>> MJE
> I have tried virtual box and failed,  there is a young lad who comes to
> the tech jam who is trying to run ubuntu in virtual box and finding all
> sorts of problems.
> As Linux is my main system I am using Kvm (virtual machine manager  or
> something ) which is a front end to Qemu I think,  that works really well.
> Virtual box needs to work out of the box, if you, the expert in their
> eyes, fails or hits barriers it will just look bad.
> Given how cheap a Raspberry Pi 3 is,  perhaps one solution would be to
> buy one,  the default OS is raspbian and it comes with Libreoffice etc,
> maybe let them have a go.  the command line can come later, when there
> is a need for it.
> Paul
I agree in a sense, its easy to pick up a Pi and work from there if
you're new to it.

I haven't known VirtualBox to be too much of a problem, but then I've
had good backup when I've needed it. If the lad who's having problems
comes along, I'll see if there's anything obvious that's not happened.
We've built Windows XP and 7 VMs successfully with it, but I was having
problems latterly with snapshotting and immutable filesystems (which I
think has to be set up at initialisation). It -shouldn't- be a problem,
but perhaps some bugs need sending upstream both to VirtualBox and
Ubuntu if neither is playing ball!

I'm using KVM in the linux world, but I don't know whether there's a
Windoze QEMU host ..

I know a few people using Xen, and saw them at FOSDEM, but haven't
really tried it yet.

As always YMMV :]

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