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Re: [LUG] Linux Training


On 13/02/17 14:04, M. J. Everitt via list wrote:
> On 13/02/17 13:21, Neil via list wrote:
>> A while ago a friend asked me if I would be willing to teach him about
>> Linux. I said I would think about it. Since then his circumstances
>> have changed and he has moved away from the area. However, it got me
>> thinking about this, especially as I know that some of the people on
>> the list are interested in getting more converts to the cause.  So
>> here are some of my thoughts and questions.
>> The scenario is that someone has asked me to get them started on
>> Linux, having heard that it is a good system and being fed up with
>> Windows.

What are they going to use the system for?,  find that out and you can
ensure they have a system that will at least do what they want it to,
and then help them develop the skills needed to complete those tasks.

Here on the list I think we are mostly power users,  where as some
people just use e-mail, web browsers for say facebook and a few other
things,  so their needs are vastly different,


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