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Re: [LUG] Linux Training


>>> But what if the trainee doesn't like it? Linux is all about choice,
>>> after all. Again, I would teach them about the default applications that
>>> it comes with, teach them about the different choices, and teach them
>>> how to install other applications.
>> Thanks again. More to consider.
They have a choice as to if they want to stick with Linux based systems
or not, if they don't lets respect that.  However have an open door, if
they decide to get say a Raspberry Pi at some point and need help then
you're there,  but I don't think forcing people to use it (or make them
feel you are doing that) is a good idea.

I think Libreoffice is going be using a ribbon type interface at some
point this year, it is adapting so it looks more like MS office, and
gives users an easier transition.  In one sense it has to,  but I am
sure there will be some option to fall back to the current menu based
interface,  giving users a choice.


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