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Re: [LUG] All Four


On 25/01/17 22:02, Adam Ainsworth via list wrote:

On 25 Jan 2017, at 21:58, Neil via list <list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Came across this for the first time. There is a new drama on channel 4 called Case. 
It looked interesting, but when I checked further it said that the first episode is 
on the normal TV channel, but the rest of it could be found on All Four.

Eventually I found out that this is a sort of C4 version of BBC iPlayer. I suppose I 
could set this up and it would work, but ....

is there any way to watch this on the normal television set? I have no wish to watch 
this on my desk top computer, and most certainly not on my laptop. And, if so, is it 
something that will work in Linux?

We do have a smart TV, but I can't find any reference to this, though BBC iPlayer is 
there, and I use it quite a lot.



> You can Chromecast it, you can probably pick up a dongle for about Â15 and they are so useful.
> ========

Have had a look at this on google. As usual it is very confusing, eg talking most of the time about smart phones and Android. Linux is almost not mentioned. Also sometimes it suggests that you need the chrome browser for it to work. I will never install that browser.

I just don't watch that much TV anyway. I was looking for an easy way to do this, especially as I have a smart TV. Again, only some smart TV's seem to work, and of course ours is not the right manufacturer.
For what I was considering, it just isn't worth the hassle.

Thanks anyway,


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