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Re: [LUG] Adverts


No, I have never before seen such a thing on the landing page of a Linux distro.

By default, I use Firefox with the U-Block Origin ad-bocker add-on, which seems to regularly provoke messages similar to the one you mention.
Whilst I feel some sympathy for people who have traditionally relied upon advertising a a primary source of income or the basis of their web-based business model, I do feel that the whole system is now very seriously flawed and out of hand in any number of ways, and like yourself, I simply refuse to co-operate with anyone who basically goes along with the flow and accepts such things.

Meanwhile, if I am in a belligerent mood, (or just want to some fun), I will sometime use a Firefox add-on, 'AdNauseam'
Basically, it does a couple of things - it does it's best to block the presentation of the adverts themselves, and at the same time, "virtually clicks" on all of the adverts that come your way; the thinking being that in doing so, it creates a whole shed-load of "noise" making it nigh impossible for the advertising marketeers to accurately profile you, and send yet more 'focussed' adverts.

On 18/01/17 09:13, Adrian Midgley via list wrote:
The next stage beyond ad-blocking must be to collect the advert, and while indicating to the server that it is being displayed on screen, quietly hide it in a deep, dark hole.

One might go further.

Call forth that advert again, while the computer is resting, and entirely automatically follow its links, thus generating costs if that is the model.

One might swap adverts - an Electric Monk will work best if it part of a chapter, or entire book, of other Electric Monks - and apart from recognising them as ads, react to them in ways the vendors ostensibly desire, from other locations.

One might see AI developing, as an arms race takes place between our Flappers, ushabti and Electric Monks on the one hand and the legions of the damnably importunate on the other.

Turing might have been amused.

Write it, please.
On Wed, 18 Jan 2017 at 09:00, Lists via list <list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I hate adverts. Let me be more accurate, I hate having adverts thrown at
me when I am concentrating on something else. On TV for instance when
the ads appear I turn off the sound. I do understand that ads can be
useful when I am looking for something in particular. It is just having
them thrust at a time when I am not in that 'search mode' that annoys me
so much.

I have a laptop computer as a spare, my main one being a desk top. I
have seen a few comments recently about Linux Lite as a distro worth a
look. So I thought that I would give it a once over.

However, when I opened its main web site I was greeted with the
information that I am running an ad blocker. Correct. If I want to look
at the site I must disable it. No chance. They claim that they are
"currently losing 42% of our income due to Ad Blockers". That seems a
very accurate percentage. How can they be so sure?

I also found via another site that to install Lite I need to have legacy
mode switched on in UEFI. Again, no chance. So goodbye Linux Lite.

I have come across this request to turn off any ad blockers before, but
never on the main web site of a Linux distro. What a pain.

Comments anyone?


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