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Re: [LUG] Adverts


On 18/01/17 09:30, aidangcole--- via list wrote:
No, I have never before seen such a thing on the landing page of a Linux

By default, I use Firefox with the U-Block Origin ad-bocker add-on,
which seems to regularly provoke messages similar to the one you mention.
Whilst I feel some sympathy for people who have traditionally relied
upon advertising a a primary source of income or the basis of their
web-based business model, I do feel that the whole system is now very
seriously flawed and out of hand in any number of ways, and like
yourself, I simply refuse to co-operate with anyone who basically goes
along with the flow and accepts such things.

Meanwhile, if I am in a belligerent mood, (or just want to some fun), I
will sometime use a Firefox add-on, 'AdNauseam'
Basically, it does a couple of things - it does it's best to block the
presentation of the adverts themselves, and at the same time, "virtually
clicks" on all of the adverts that come your way; the thinking being
that in doing so, it creates a whole shed-load of "noise" making it nigh
impossible for the advertising marketeers to accurately profile you, and
send yet more 'focussed' adverts.

Never heard of that one. Will have a look out for it and see what it does.


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