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Re: [LUG] Adverts


On 18/01/17 08:59, Lists via list wrote:
> I hate adverts. Let me be more accurate, I hate having adverts thrown
> at me when I am concentrating on something else. On TV for instance
> when the ads appear I turn off the sound. I do understand that ads can
> be useful when I am looking for something in particular. It is just
> having them thrust at a time when I am not in that 'search mode' that
> annoys me so much.
> I have a laptop computer as a spare, my main one being a desk top. I
> have seen a few comments recently about Linux Lite as a distro worth a
> look. So I thought that I would give it a once over.
> However, when I opened its main web site I was greeted with the
> information that I am running an ad blocker. Correct. If I want to
> look at the site I must disable it. No chance. They claim that they
> are "currently losing 42% of our income due to Ad Blockers". That
> seems a very accurate percentage. How can they be so sure?
> I also found via another site that to install Lite I need to have
> legacy mode switched on in UEFI. Again, no chance. So goodbye Linux Lite.
> I have come across this request to turn off any ad blockers before,
> but never on the main web site of a Linux distro. What a pain.
> Comments anyone?
> Neil
Advertising is so that they can generate income to pay for the site..  I
don't have an issue with that per-se i don't mind small unobtrusive ads
on a site.   I don't like the videos or audio that plays automatically
and really plays automatically  when i go to a site.     I like the
diaspora model  you can donate to the pod from the website. 

The software is free  as in cost,   you want support for closed hardware
the money has to come from somewhere surely.

some of the links could simply be paid for by sponsors,  who are being
given a mention.


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