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Re: [LUG] OT VDSL cable length



I may stick in a power socket extension for the WiFi, not because the WiFi is bad (I get 30Mbps+ down in the living room via WiFi) but because two devices don't do WiFi nicely and the cheap power socket adaptor will let me put 4 Ethernet sockets behind behind them for under Â20.

Although the failure of the router vendor to fix a bunch of security issues with the router make me wonder if I should go back to Gordon's original suggestion of plain modem and Debian box doing first stage of routing. Then the WiFi could be flung off on Ethernet.

We probably should have that router vendors are rubbish discussion on the list properly, given how horrendous the Mirai botnet and the related exploits were, as well as the netgear ";killall httpd" issue.


Leaving aside my complete inability to get TP-Link to fix a few issues meaning if you allow me onto your WiFi it's now my WiFi for several reasons...

Suddenly free software router projects look really good, but they don't have the product range coverage to replace most people's router.
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