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Re: [LUG] OT VDSL cable length


On Thu, 5 Jan 2017, Simon Waters via list wrote:

Time to stick the router on the wall.

Anyone got any figures for RJ11 cable length impact on VDSL?

I see contradictory things, but my understanding is it is basically adding
to phone cable length, and I have SNR to burn for my VDSL.

That said I'm lazy, and will probably use the cable it came with but might
be good from a signal perspective to get it high above other things.

My experience is that the metre or so of wire from the wall socket to the modem is nothing compared to the kilometer or 3 from the cabinet. What matters here is the joints. So just make sure the modem is close to the wall socket and run Ethernet from there. If you have the ability, then ake the cable shorter but it's not going to make any appreciable difference.

I'm currently in outer ruralistan, getting sub 56K modem speeds, but hey, it's internet...


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