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Re: [LUG] OT VDSL cable length


On 05/01/17 10:46, Simon Waters via list wrote:
Time to stick the router on the wall.

Anyone got any figures for RJ11 cable length impact on VDSL?

I see contradictory things, but my understanding is it is basically adding
to phone cable length, and I have SNR to burn for my VDSL.

That said I'm lazy, and will probably use the cable it came with but might
be good from a signal perspective to get it high above other things.
I was told by my ISP to keep the length short to preserve SNR. I used to have the router in my loft - some 4m away from the socket - without problems. BT changed something and my SNR dropped through the floor so had to move the router closer with a shorter RJ11 cable.

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