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Re: [LUG] Recommendations for low power proxy/NAS box


>> I do however have another similar Dual server board with chassis, currently its 
>> also sporting a single E5520 cpu. Cpu's like these are cheap on ebay (like <Â20) 
>> If you ever wanted to go do this route I'd be happy to invite you over for a 
>> coffee and give you an intro and a box of parts to get you started. the CPS got a 
>> bad rap due to there chipsets overheating - nothing a Â5 fan from mapin wont fix! 
>>  Its well worth the effort - I've got 3 Enterprise grade machines here build from 
>> ebay server parts and leftovers. for a faction of the price of a single off the 
>> shelf workstation. 
> Thanks for the offer .. another of my mate's is further down the line on
> multi-cores, so I'd welcome any further expertise to pool knowledge!
> Where are you based, and I can see where my locus takes me? I'm up from
> Okehampton in Hatherleigh, but travel around a fair bit.
> Michael.

I'm all the way to the end - Newlyn - but tend to be in Bodmin no Monday nights at 
the sports centre, and occasionally drive to Bristol and  London for work. 

As for Multi CPU the trick is buying the right server board, get a board with 
limited spares and you are sinking money down a drain.  I tend to opt for Intel as 
HP parts are always at a premium. I tryed super micro but run into a lot of 
reliability problems. 

Intel i find works best, but read the detail - some of their boards are heavily 
customised to a specific chassis, thus making after market mods a pain. but 
sometimes thats the fun part. :) 

back in the day you also needed to worry about extra cards and chips to co-ordinate 
the cpus  "APIC" cards etc...  but I haven't seen a need from anything like that on 
boards manufactured after 2005.  Mostly its a case of buy a premium PSU , a massive 
case ETX or E-ETX and a workstation variation of the dual socket board, ebay for ram 
and cpus - then top end cooling.  
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