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Re: [LUG] Recommendations for low power proxy/NAS box


On 04/01/17 14:11, Joseph Bennie wrote:
>> On 4 Jan 2017, at 13:31, M. J. Everitt via list <list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On 04/01/17 13:15, Joseph Bennie via list wrote:
>>> Looking for any of these: 2 premium & quiet >100TDP LGA1366 heatsinks with Fan, 
>>> DDR3 EEC Ram , nvidia tesla grid class GFX cards... for a project to build a VM 
>>> server using an Intel S5500U Motherboard and 2xE5520 CPU's. and or an micro ATX 
>>> case to fit a AAHD2-HY.  
>>> or Â50 ... the AAHD2-Hy with working CPU/heatsink+fan and 8GB ram.     
>> Possibly a stupid question (not being into multi-cpu systems seriously
>> YET) .. but I'm guessing you're not including the motherboard in that?
>> out of curiosity which one is it? and what configuration is the RAM? You
>> might say I'm .. interested .. sorta! :] I'll let Tom have first refusal
>> though if he's keen ....
> you've lost me...  
> The intel S5500U/E5520 isn't currently for sale ..   I'm looking for parts for 
> that, as the recommended intel heatsink is not fit for purpose, (passive copper 
> )... it needs an Active copper heatpipe + fan, and I've only got enough ram for 1 
> cpu currently. 
Gotcha - you threw a lot of stuff in your first email which got muddled
in me head .. and I've just finished a coffee .. perhaps I need
another.... !!
> I do however have another similar Dual server board with chassis, currently its 
> also sporting a single E5520 cpu. Cpu's like these are cheap on ebay (like <Â20) 
> If you ever wanted to go do this route I'd be happy to invite you over for a 
> coffee and give you an intro and a box of parts to get you started. the CPS got a 
> bad rap due to there chipsets overheating - nothing a Â5 fan from mapin wont fix!  
> Its well worth the effort - I've got 3 Enterprise grade machines here build from 
> ebay server parts and leftovers. for a faction of the price of a single off the 
> shelf workstation. 
Thanks for the offer .. another of my mate's is further down the line on
multi-cores, so I'd welcome any further expertise to pool knowledge!
Where are you based, and I can see where my locus takes me? I'm up from
Okehampton in Hatherleigh, but travel around a fair bit.
> yes the AAHD2-HY is for sale, its a full AMD MB/CPU/Ram/heatsink bundle.  - i just 
> stripped it out of a fanboy Corsair case thats now housing the S5500U motherboard.
> I think is an A4 chip with integrated radeon GFX. I did a test install of win10 
> without issues to check it worked. 
Aha, I've got an As-rock board with lots of PCI-E slots I briefly used
for GPU coin-mining back when it was almost-fashionable. [yeah I know,
complete waste of time... well, I say that .. but I can get two years
VPN for the peercoins I mined! It too has a modest A4 processor in it ..
so probably no point duplicating! :)


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