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Re: [LUG] OT: Dragon Naturally Speaking


One other project in the pipeline is to transcribe voice recordings from local residents of their wartime memories. Of course that /does/ run head-on into the 'many voices/many words' scenario and training would be impossible as the recordings are already done. In this case I think the best way forward will be to listen to the recordings on headphones and repeat what they are saying myself for DNS to pick up.


On 31/01/14 07:01, Adrian Midgley wrote:

Not production.

I played with ViaVoice a while back, didn't find it useful enough.

Difficult problem.
Recognising a small set of words said by anyone is fairly well solved. Wonky but workable.

Recognising many many words said by one person sort of solved requiring a lot of training. (Palm solved handwriting by deciding how people would write letters, I've not seen voice recognition approached that way but ...)

Recognising many words said by many people - not solved.

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