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Re: [LUG] Time to upgrade your cabling!


On 27/01/14 19:47, Brad Rogers wrote:
On Mon, 27 Jan 2014 19:19:56 +0000
Tom <madtom1999@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello Tom,

You will have installed your cables and  expected to hear a difference 
and been more attentive to the sound - you may also have heard more as 
Actually, I was expecting *not* to hear a difference, as I was sceptical
myself.  I only did it because somebody gave me the cable.

I will concede that the bending down to attach the speaker cables may
have had a positive effect on my hearing on that first CD I listened to,
and that /may/ have coloured any future objectivity, but virtually every
other CD I listened to after that sounded better, too.  The ones that
didn't sounded improve were truly awful before the change of leads, due
to piss poor production.  Nothing can improve that.

Of course, 20 years on, my hearing is so much worse than it was (age
and many, many loud concerts have taken their toll), it's all moot now,

I've seen that effect before - its very easy to convince yourself things are better when there is really no improvement - a bit like buying an iPhone and not actually being able to make calls - but its a great phone!
Tom te tom te tom
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