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Re: [LUG] OT, but can anyone help ?


On 27/01/14 14:53, raymond.knowles@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi Mr Meowski, 
> No, it was AVG, the free version. 
> Thanks 
> for the tips. 
> A little more background. The machine is ex 
> our local Church, 
> and I installed a "virtual" Wurlitzer 
> theatre organ on it, 
> with the hope of running it from our 
> organ's MIDI socket. 
> Initial tests were looking good until 
> the hang on startup. 
> So after support ends on Win XP, it 
> will probably not see a 
> live internet connection again. 

Hmm, that's a new one for me: when people who aren't complete IT morons
(being on a linux mailing list is a decent indicator of not being one)
mention that they still have an ancient flaky box lying around running
XP, it's usually because something Very Important is attached to it.
Obviously, I've never actually seen a uranium centrifuge before but back
at the NHS there were several multi-million pound bits of kit hooked up
to prehistoric Dell Precisions running XP in our unit alone, including a
literally Â1m genetic sequencer and two MRI scanners - I never asked how
much they cost, but it would have been even more than the sequencer.
From colleagues still labouring away there, I know that all three of
those boxes are still in place, running XP.

But I never expected a church organ :]

Switching to a lightweight linux would probably still be a better
option, there's a lot of MIDI and general sound stuff available these days.


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