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Re: [LUG] MAC address on Android


On 13/01/14 21:37, Simon Waters wrote:
> SUNs and their "forth" like boot language

That isn't Forth-like, it *is* Forth, as used in Sun's OpenBoot Prom
(Apple used it as well, and still did until adopting EFI). Amusingly, to
this day it's debatable as to whether EFI has actually got to the point
where it's as useful/functional as OpenBoot was 20 years ago, and I'm
leaning towards 'no'. Without special server hardware, you still can't
hook up a random EFI-equipped PC to a serial line, issue your break and
do "boot net"... but I could do that on any Sun box 20 years ago, and a
lot more besides. You could even test/enable/disable individual memory
banks, disable CPUs on SMP boxes and there was a memory testing function
similar to memtest+ built in directly to the hardware, along with a
whole bunch of other low level, platform independent tools.

> Strangely I thought of a really handy use for it the other day, technically 
> illegal so never mind..

Oh come on, don't tease us like that. Now I really want to know...


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