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Re: [LUG] Chromebook


Of course, they all handed their iPads back in when they got their laptops back…



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On 10/01/14 16:32, Simon Avery wrote:


As an aside, I understand that some schools are starting to handout chromebooks to the kids now - whether that's a gimmick to get parents to pick that particular school, or whether it actually aids with their education, I'm not sure, but if you know a child maybe you'll be borrowing their tech rather than the other way around (for a change!)



It's not a new thing, although I don't know how common it is. Ipads have been issued to students at several schools, and laptops too.

In fact, some may remember a fairly high profile "WTF" moment from the US in 2010; http://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/security/355717/school-sued-for-spying-on-students-through-webcam

I do recall one instance where the school's IT Manager was ignored and the headteacher splashed out on iPads to replace every teacher's laptop.  That went belly up in a hurry when they quickly realised that content creation was a menace for their purposes and they reverted to their laptops.


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