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Re: [LUG] distribution with good 386 support


On 09/01/14 20:59, Matt Lee wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 9, 2014 at 3:58 PM, Simon Waters <simon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Matt dragged me to Oxford to fetch a NeXT workstation a few years back.
> Here's a photo of it next to an eMac of the day.
> http://mattl.us/img/emacnext.jpg

That's one of the few systems I haven't owned (although I've used both
OpenStep and NeXTSTEP operating systems): I did once mistakenly buy from
Ebay the huge B/W monitor from a NeXT workstation though, assuming that
the 13W3 type connector would be compatible with my then-brand new Sun
Ultra1. It wasn't, of course, and the NeXT monitor was left just looking
cool in the corner of the office whilst I went off and bought a very
expensive Sun X7136A 21" monitor, which to this day is the best monitor
I ever owned.

I never took it with me when I moved on so for all I know there is still
a big, menacing and very obsolete black box lurking in a corner of a
London Underground office somewhere.

Had one of those Apple eMacs too, an old G4. Ran OpenBSD/PPC like a
champ for years. Can't even remember what happened to it, so it was
probably given away at some point.

Another machine I never got my hands on was this awesome thing:


I've never even seen one of those, let alone owned one. Some day
maybe... when I've got a bigger garage and the missus isn't paying
attention. She is not keen on my love for huge, noisy, power-sucking and
expensive vintage computers for some reason.


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