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Re: [LUG] distribution with good 386 support


On 9 Jan 2014, at 20:16, bad apple <mr.meowski@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> PS: if anyone cares, my absolute favourite machine *ever*, of all time,
> is the Sun Ultra 1, which I originally learnt Linux and Solaris on.
> 170MHz! Still works like a charm.

Matt dragged me to Oxford to fetch a NeXT workstation a few years back.

It was interesting, but as someone who used desktop Unix workstations through that 
era it was kind of like business as usual.

My favourite would have been the HP Series 700, used them at the Met Office, HP kits 
was beautifully engineered in that era., but I suspect Applixware, a sane Office 
suite was part of the selling point, especially Applix's mail client. Of course it 
didn't hurt that we had some really good software tools for working on the code.

I suspect I would have liked the SUN workstations that City University had in 1988 
if I'd spent any longer playing on them, I assume they were SUN-4's and was my first 
exposure to that sort of high-end workstation. Seems funny to call it high end now.
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