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Re: [LUG] Etiquette was Re: Lightening this morning ...


On 07/01/14 17:14, Simon Waters wrote:

> Still trying to work out if Gordon is offended or is just taking the Michael out 
> of those who would correct him over pedantries or both.
> Okay no messing with Gordon, he is too clever by half.

Oh, come on, he was taking the... um, Michael, surely?

Multiple and obvious spelling mistakes in a reply to pedantic spelling
corrections? I automatically assumed he was angling for a "+5 Funny"
there. Whether or not he is actually dyslexic matters not one whit to
me. In the same way I wouldn't make fun of someone with bipolar disorder
(for example) I'd consider it extremely bad form to make fun of any kind
of disability. I'll happily make fun of people for being stupid but
targeting genuine disabilities is just not cricket. My best friend is
hopelessly dyslexic so it's not like I'm not used to it.

But yes, being swearer in chief on this list I couldn't resist quoting a
bad word, especially my favourite one :]

Apologies for being mischievous I guess. Still not sure why we're not
grown up enough to worry about it in the first place. Have you ever
grepped the kernel source for naughty words before? There are quite a
few in there...


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