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Re: [LUG] FTTC and Zen


On 07/01/14 12:44, Martin Gautier wrote:

On 06/01/14 21:36, Neil wrote:
I was wondering if anyone on the list had any experience with Zen and
so your email was very welcome. My set up is just for home, not
business so I won't need so much bandwidth as you do. I am also
thinking of moving my phone set up to them also. Do you use Zen for
phones too? I think it is probably a good idea to have the phone and
broadband set up together. Your comments would be welcome.
I have a very happy customer in Dartmouth using Zen.

I moved to them myself about a year ago.

Their customer service is second to none.


Thanks, more encouragement for me. I have just asked for the MAC from my current ISP. Let's see what their reaction is.


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