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[LUG] FTTC and Zen


Thought this might interest the odd user.

Nice surprise today. Noticed before xmas another of our sites had finally become eligable for fttc so contacted our main isp, Zen, for an upgrade.

Long and short of it:

From £23/pcm to £30 (Business)

From 3.5mbit to estimated 40 down.

From 0.7 mbit to estimated 10 up.

From a 100 GB pcm bandwidth cap to UNLIMITED!

5-10 working days install and no throttling or traffic shaping. (And Zen are generally low contention too)

Quite pleased about this as it's our busiest site with about 30 users and should make a big difference. It's semi-rural, hence the poor adsl speeds.

(The other site, some six months or so ago, took about 30 days to install, cost about £50 for the install and has a 100 GB cap)

We have a secondary talktalk connection which we're balancing to achieve useful speeds over, and we'll probably keep that as failover for the buttons it costs.

Now, just need my home connection to be enabled and I shall be a little happier!
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