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Re: [LUG] Sharing movies and photos


On 4 January 2014 19:34, Richard Brown <rich@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
2. Can I push files from the Mac over NFS to the Linux server? Can I
open a pages (Mac word processor) file that is stored on the Linux
server through nfs please?

In principle yes to both, but even though OS X is a *n*x, IIRC Mac NSF integration used to be buggy and problematic (and a low priority for Apple to fix), so YMMV. In comparison, I can attest that Mac smbfs/cifs integration has long been rock-solid, or at least, as rock-solid as anything specced to a "standard" created by MS can be.

The other possibility is sshfs, which introduces a lot of performance-degrading encryption overhead for no particular security gain in a home-LAN situation but needs no extra config if you have OpenSSH set up already.
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