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Re: [LUG] Sharing movies and photos



On Sat 04/01/14,13:02, Richard Brown wrote:
> I now have the HP running with Ubuntu Desktop. I now need to configure it
> to allow me to connect to it to run movies and view photos. Would I do this
> using ssh or some other way please?

If your clients where you are accessing the data from are all linux, then
setting up nfs (network file system) is probably what you are looking
If you have any windows machines that need to access the data, then samba is your 

The client machines can then be configured to view/access the exported
mount points as if they were just another local disk.

> Also when I connect a photo card is it possible to Ubuntu to
> automatically pull in the photos to a particular location and store by
> date please?

This can be done with a bit of scripting,
having a look at http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/9311 or 
http://www.techpository.com/?page_id=1052 might give
you some interesting ideas.
Depending on what sort of files your camera produces, having a look at
the exif* packages and the tools within, will allow you to dump image
metadata, which would be used to sort and automatically categorize the

To make it easy to identify when the memory cards are inserted, you might
format them with a recognizable file system label, which would make 
them automatically show up as /media/myLabel
If you choose a consistant naming scheme, then this can be used by the
udev rule/script.


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