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Re: [LUG] Sharing movies and photos



On 4 January 2014 13:40, Mesar Hameed <mesar.hameed@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> f your clients where you are accessing the data from are all linux, then
> setting up nfs (network file system) is probably what you are looking
> for.
> If you have any windows machines that need to access the data, then samba is your 
> tool.
> The client machines can then be configured to view/access the exported
> mount points as if they were just another local disk.

Thanks for the help.

A couple of questions.
1. I have a separate internal hard drive of 1tb which is auto mounted.
How do I add this whole drive to /etc/exports file please? Or should I
create directories on that drive and add them but once again what
would the directory path be please or how would I find it out.
2. Can I push files from the Mac over NFS to the Linux server? Can I
open a pages (Mac word processor) file that is stored on the Linux
server through nfs please?

Richard Brown
Youth Worker
07747 343637

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