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Re: [LUG] New tablet computer


On Thu 02/01/14,08:34, Neil Winchurst wrote:
> On 02/01/14 00:19, Rob Beard wrote:
> >
> >Saying that, I gather it's possible to attach a Bluetooth keyboard (I've
> >already pledged my £50 for one of these...
> >http://bluetoothzxspectrum.elite-systems.co.uk).
> >
> I will look into the possibility of adding a separate keyboard. But
> is this possible on an iPad?

As far as I know, Apple being sneeky, they don't implement full
bluetooth compatibility, so you would have to buy an Apple wireless
keyboard, which is probably double the price of a standard one.
Maybe someone could confirm/deny this, since my info is quite old.

I would second a previous suggestion, which is to look at the
Asus transformer range. The advantage is that the keyboard doubles up as a
second battery.


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