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[LUG] Attn bad apple & Brad Rogers: BluRay Drive Behaves in Mint 16!!


On 09/12/13 23:41, Julian Hall wrote:

On 09/12/13 23:24, bad apple wrote:
That has to be the root of the issue, I'll dig a little.

Thanks for your continued patience and help.. much appreciated :)


Having just upgraded Mint 15 to Mint 16 as per bad apple's guidance notes and rebooted I have made an interesting discovery.

Prior to upgrading I had put a data CD-R in the drive and Mint 15 recognised it, which frankly surprised me. Anyway I then updated to Mint 16 and it still recognised the data CD-R. However, when I removed it I noticed the drive icon on the desktop was labelled 'CD/DVD/BluRay drive' and previously it was only labelled 'CD/DVD Drive' (I think) under Mint 15. So I left it empty, rebooted and as expected no drive icon, which is normal behaviour. I then inserted one of my Miami Vice DVDs - on the basis Mint 15 didn't like them so if Mint 16 did progress was being made. Lo and behold the dialogue box popped up telling me I had inserted a Video DVD and asked what I wanted to do with it, and then it played properly.

I'm loathe to say it is permanently fixed as this could be one of the random times it works, but I am hopeful. I just wish I knew which update had fixed it - assuming it has.


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