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Re: [LUG] New tablet computer


On 01/01/14 16:33, Tom wrote:

I bought my daughter a 7" tablet and a case with a keyboard in it. As
the idiots in the computer shop in Holsworthy are refurbishing over peak
period(????) I havent go the USB->microUSB adapter to see if the
keyboard is any good. The tablet seems fine for Â65
Tom te tom te tom

To be fair to the people running the computer shop in Holsworthy, the owner has been ill. Also they were thinking of moving to smaller premises because the rent was too high. Then their landlord found out and, surprise, surprise, he has managed to lower his rent to match! All this has caused them some problems as you can imagine. They were in the process of preparing to move, and now they are staying put.


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